Our Corporate Staff

BCOM-RozalynFrazier-Chief Executive Officer
Rosalyn Frazier Chief Executive Officer
BCOM-FeliciaHart-Chief Operating Officer
Felicia Hart Chief Operating Officer
BCOM-DamaryMartinez-Director of Special Programs
Damary Martinez Director of Special Programs
BCOM-JersonDulis-Director of Outreach-Development
Jerson Dulis Director of Outreach and Development
BCOM-Ryan Robinson-Director of Operations
Ryan Robinson Director of Operations
BCOM-AlexDueso-Director of Information Technology-updated
Alex Dueso Director of Information Technology
BCOM-PortiaAnderson-Director of QualityImprovement-Nursing
Portia Anderson Director of Quality Improvement and Nursing
BCOM-BertholettePardieu-Director of Risk Management
Bertholette Pardieu Director of Risk Management
BCOM-OlgaBell-Director of Human Resources
Olga Bell Director of Human Resources
BCOM-BrendaColon-Director of Finance-Reimbursement-updated
Brenda Colon Director of Finance and Reimbursement
BCOM-JulioSalas-Clinical Director of Dental
Dr. Julio Salas Clinical Dental Director
BCOM-StaciHines-Clinical Director of Behavioral Health
Staci Hines Clinical Director of Behavioral Health
BCOM-StevensonChery-Clinical Medical Director
Dr. Stevenson Chery, MD Clinical Medical Director