Our Corporate Staff

Rosalyn Frazier
Rosalyn FrazierChief Executive Officer
Felicia Hart
Felicia HartChief Operating Officer
Damary Martinez
Damary MartinezDirector of Special Programs
Jerson Dulis
Jerson DulisDirector of Outreach and Development
Ryan Robinson
Ryan RobinsonDirector of Operations
Alex Dueso
Alex DuesoDirector of Information Technology
Portia Anderson
Portia AndersonDirector of Quality Improvement and Nursing
Bertholette Pardieu
Bertholette PardieuDirector of Risk Management
Olga Bell
Olga BellDirector of Human Resources
Brenda Colon
Brenda ColonDirector of Finance and Reimbursement
Dr. Julio Salas
Dr. Julio SalasClinical Dental Director
Staci Hines
Staci HinesClinical Director of Behavioral Health